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30,000ft in 30-minutes is probably going to leave your head spinning, so take out a pen & paper and be in the right headspace before you hit play. There's a lot of value in what you're about to watch and I want to make sure you leave here with every last nugget of gold. Ready? Press play and let's get this party started! 

a systems-based apporach to for-profit podcasting for service professionals and independent creators alike

The Podcast Revenue Machine Has Four Focuses:


Put in the work to build the automated systems that connect your podcast with individuals who want to listen to it. 

Identify a need or problem within your niche and develop a solution to address and resolve it. Position yourself as more than a podcaster.

Know the difference between a podcast that makes noise and one that provides value and services a community.

Show them how to get to where they want to be. Use your expertise to teach them how to solve their problem and move forward. 

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